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Boat Diving

Most of the best dive sites in Malta are easily accessible from shore, however you will also find some sites that can only be reached by boat. Usually these dives fall under two distinct categories, recreational dives (up to 40 meters) and technical dives (deeper then 40 meters).

Popular recreational sites found in Comino, such as the Santa Maria Caves & Lantern Point or off Qawra Point where there’s the wreck of the Imperial Eagle and also the Christ Statue. 

Technical divers usually prefer to dive from boat due to the heavy tanks and equipment they need for the dive, thus being dropped directly over the wreck will maximise their dive and avoid long strenuous swims.   

The boats used in this case come in several forms and sizes. The traditional Maltese Luzzu is a popular option as it provides divers with a large, stable platform with lots of space to store diving kit while allowing an easy entry to water. The major drawback is that they are usually relatively slow moving so it only makes sense to plan a day trip with at least two dives in order to make the most of the day.

This is why in some cases a smaller, but fast RIB (or inflatable boat) is preferred, especially when planning 1 dive where the divers’ main concern is to get there quick, dive and come back in no time. 

If you want to know more about it you might consider the PADI Boat Diver Course.

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