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OK, so you've made the decision to go diving, now what should you know ?

As a starter please make sure you've made contact with us in regards to available dates and package details. 

In order to participate in any diving activity you must also be aware of the following points:

- You will be asked to answer a diving medical questionnaire. If you are already aware of any medical conditions please make sure to provide a medical certificate from your physician. 

- Any participants under the age of 18 years will need to be accompanied by an adult or provide prior consent. 

- After diving and before getting onto a plane, you need to allow a surface interval of 12 hours (for 1 dive) or 18 hours (if 2 or more dives). 

- All certified divers are required to submit proof of their diving certification by having their qualification cards handy (and ideally also their log book). Ecards or alternative digital verification is also possible. 

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