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Scuba Diving Vacations in Malta 

The Maltese Islands' unmistakable blue Mediterranean sea is perfect for scuba diving. Every single one of the three Islands offers unique underwater encounters with a wealth of reefs, caverns and ship wrecks that make diving in the Mediterranean quite spettecular. 

The tranquil and clear waters make for perfect visibility whilst  the danger of coming across aggressive fish is close to none, thus promoting the ideal conditions for beginner and novice divers. The experienced divers can also benefit from more adventurous dives with plenty of fish and wrecks to visit at greater depths. 

The sites vary in depth from very shallow starting at 5 meters such as at Qawra Point or even the shallow reef in Cirkewwa to greater depths such as the Blue Hole in Gozo where depths well exceed 60 meters. 
The local diving schools are licensed to operate under stringent regulations to ensure the quality of the service provided. Most schools offer PADI courses while although less common others also offer SSI and BSAC training.

Before your first dive in Malta you must complete a Medical Questionnaire which requires a simple “Yes” or “No” answer. If all the questions are answered with “No” you can dive right away with no further tests required, however if any questions are answered with “Yes” you will be required to obtain a doctor’s certificate to ensure you can safely dive.

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