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The Maltese waters boast an impressive collection of sunken ship wrecks which is one the highlights when diving in Malta. 

In fact scattered all round Malta, Gozo & Comino you will find dozens and dozens of wrecks suitable for any level of diver. 

You will find wrecks starting as shallow as just 5 meters deep all the way to the really deep sites of well over 100 meters.

Here is are just a few of the most popular wrecks we visit on regular basis:

- X 127 Lighter 

- HMS Maori

- MV Rozi

- P 29

- Um El Faroud 

- Tug No. 10

- MV Odile

- MV Karwela

- MV Xlendi

- MV Comino Land

- P 31

- Imperial Eagle

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