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Comino Blue Lagoon

Comino and the Blue Lagoon should definitely be on your list of ‘things to do’ when visiting the Maltese Islands.  If your flight happens to land during the day, and the skies are clear, there’s a very good chance you’ll easily spot it from the air as the plane is preparing for it’s final approach to the airport. 

Comino sits between Malta and Gozo. Comino itself is formed by two islands, Comino itself being the largest and Kemunett the smaller island. These two land masses create what we call the Blue Lagoon.
The water separating the two islands is relatively shallow, in most cases only a meter or two, however it is common to experience strong sweeping currents that are caused by sea currents being funnelled into the lagoon from one end and exiting the other. 

The main island section consists of a car-free, 3.5 square kilometre area consisting of rocky coves, hidden beaches and a typical rugged Mediterranean landscape. You can easily reach the island from both Malta and Gozo by means of a regular, usually hourly, service of small water taxis that will offer a return trip at a reasonable price. 

This destination is also heavily promoted by local booking offices, tour operators and Hop On Hop Off promo offers, which means that it shouldn’t come as surprise if you find the place a little crowded in busy summer season. 

Comino is also home to some great snorkelling and diving sites

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