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Comino Dives


Comino is undoubtedly mostly famous for the notorious Blue Lagoon which is featured in countless articles and adverts also at an internationally level. The turquoise waters, the fine white sand and the hidden coves all around the island make it a hot spot for all beach and sun lovers. 

It might seem obvious enough however this might be misleading as most divers assume the best diving must be in the Blue Lagoon. In fact, the turquoise waters in the lagoon are simply the cause of shallow water and an entire seabed of just bare sand. Although a perfect location for snorkelling as one can still find lots of interesting underwater life in such a place it’s surely not the best place to scuba dive. 
Other sites such as Santa Maria Caves, Lantern Point and the P 31 Wreck and offer so much more stuff to see when it comes to scuba divers, each location having it’s own strong points.  

Santa Maria Caves, as the name implies, features an interconnected, relatively safe cavern system that alternates between sandy, rocky and weedy bottom with lots of life lurking below, above and everywhere else in between. Very frequent are encounters with huge shoals of saddled bream that have been smart enough to learn that divers tend to feed them and therefore quickly swim up to you hoping for a free easy meal. 

Lantern point is mainly a wall dive which also features an L-shaped swim-through and other passages between enormous boulders scattered besides the steep reef wall. Here it’s common to encounters shoals of Barracuda, large Tuna and also moray eels. 

The P31 is a recently scuttled former military patrol boat which after extensive cleaning and preparations has been lowered on a shallow sandy bed of just 18 meters. That’s good news for all newly qualified and not so experienced divers as this is one of the few wrecks which is easy, safe and great fun to dive.

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